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The path towards changes in education is, somehow, winding and for some of us, this journey to conquer the summit is getting a bit intrincate, thus we start longing for a recipe or anything that could clarify the ‘hows’ that make us help our students achieve their skills for an ever changing world.

Conceptualizing and Conceptual Understanding will, indeed, make us improve the way we are guiding our students to learning independence, and quallity of thinking.  

Course Characteristics

This is a 4-hour workshop-like course, guided by Dennys Barrios, a 28-year experienced Teacher of English and a passionate educator.

It is intended to assist Teachers of English who are interesed in improving their methods and techniques  to teach new vocabulary and make their students to develop their thinking skills at the same time.

All of the resources and strategies shared in this course are validated by great worldwide educators who have published their research, sauteed by own teaching experiences.

The four periods are divided in two sessions, which will be agreeded and scheduled after the sign-up information.

A contribution of 25 Soles from each participant is expected. It is basically, to cover the use of resources and time that the course organization demanded.

Table of Contents

1. The Structure of Knowledge

2. What and Why of Conceptualizing

3. The How of conceptualizing

4. Teaching Students to Learn Conceptually

5. Building Block of Concept-Based instruction

6. Elements of Concept-Based Curriculum Design

7. Clarifying Transfer

8.  An Approach to the Principles of ‘Metodología Conceptual: Mentefactos’


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